Gourd Art History

Example of Gourd Art by Arlene Anderson
Gourd pyrography is the art of engraving a design or image on a hardshell gourd by the means of using a hot metal tip (woodburning tool). Hardshell gourds are very durable and last for many years. Arlene Anderson grows some of her own gourds and acquires others from a gourd farm in east Texas. Each gourd is hand selected for it's shape, thickness, and quality suitable for pyroengraving and carving. The interior of the gourds must first be cleaned and sanded before the design is freehanded, pyroengraved and carved. The idea for the design is often inspired by the unique form of the gourd itself. When the design is completed the gourd may then be stained or dyed and finished with a protective coating. Many of the art pieces are functional as well as decorative. Each piece is an original and is signed by Arlene Anderson.

Click to view a gallery of Arlene Anderson's Gourd Art.

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